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1/32 & 1/48 scale castings for the serious modeler

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Founded in 1973 as The Weapons Shop, we offer a line of resin castings for the 1/32 and 1/48 scale aircraft enthusiast. Selected publications are a recent addition, as are a line of wood bases.

We are particularly proud to have been a contributor to the production of an  E-book on the B-36. This book, B-36: Saving The Last Peacemaker (Second Edition).  While that E-book is no longer available, we highly recommend yet another CD-ROM on the B-36.   This one is titled B-36:Moving The Last Peacemaker. All photos were taken by Richard Marmo. Produced in a slide show format, it contains 875 b&w photos that were taken over seven years while the aircraft was being dismantled, moved and reassembled...several times.  For more information, click the "Publications" link below.

Our P-38 castings were also featured prominently in Chapter Eight of an excellent print publication from Specialty Press.  That book, How  To Build And Modify Resin Model Aircraft Kits by Richard Marmo, is available from the publisher, hobby shops and better bookstores.  Again, click the "Publications" link for additional information.

Finally, The Modeler's Weapons Shop is proud to be the exclusive source for Marmo's Magic Dust, a new weathering product that is an alternative to pastels.  Please click on the link in the box below for full information on this new item.

In order to better serve you, the serious modeler, please fill out our survey form during your stay on our site.

                                              Thank you,

                                 The Modeler's Weapons Shop



The Modeler's Weapons Shop will be releasing at least
two and possibly four new resin conversions during the calender year 2010.  The first two will deal with WW-II German Luftwaffe subjects in 1/48th scale and designed to fit popular classic kits, one of which was just recently re-released.  Both real subjects were planned for production but only one was ever produced.  It was also used operationally. 

Remaining planned releases, in both 1/48th and 1/32nd, will deal with a little known variation of a well known WW-II American aircraft subject.  The variation in question was designed but never produced, so these new castings will allow the modeler to add a truly unique subject to their display case.

Watch this space for specifics as the conversions become available.

Thank you,

The Modeler's Weapons Shop






Due to a total computer system failure in April 2009, combined with a computer store doing an improper backup, I have lost all of my emails and business records dating back for the last couple of years.

I ask that ANYONE who has had reason to contact me for ANY purpose, but ESPECIALLY orders of CD-ROMs, wood bases, resin castings or modelbuilding services please contact me again.

There are several outstanding orders that I am aware of, but do not have the information necessary to either fill them or ship them.  All I can do is wait until each individual gets mad enough to contact me, wanting to know where his order is.

This disaster was the result of circumstances that were totally beyond my control.  I ask for your patience and co-operation while I work to get this train wreck back on the tracks.


Thank you,

Richard Marmo

The Modeler’s Weapons Shop




Lockheed YP-38 Lightning print

Professionally printed copy of an original USAAF print.  Very rare view of what
is likely the second YP-38 made by Lockheed.

Click here or the image for full details on how to add one to your collection.

Available again after 40 years!

by Jay Frank Dial

Restored and enhanced in modern PDF format.

Click here for full details and to purchase your copy.


New!  I.D. Blocks

Tired of hearing "What is that?"    Let I.D. Block answer the question for you.

Suitable for all scales and all subjects.


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Click here or on the image for full details.





Confused by conversion calculations?  Scratching your head over the correct dimensions for your scratchbuilt masterpiece?  Then you need

The Modeler's Weapons Shop Guide To Model Math And Scale Jumping by Richard Marmo

Click here for full details


Now Available

Marmo's Magic Dust

A permanent weathering alternative to pastels.

Click on the link for full details.


The Modeler's Weapons Shop
proudly supports
Project: Preservation
Please click on the link to add your support to this effort to preserve
this portion of the photographic record of aviation history.


Do you love models but don't feel you have the time or equipment to build them?  Do you have a rare kit that you're afraid to touch because you're afraid you won't do justice to it?  Then consider commissioning a professional modelbuilder to do the job for you.  With forty years of professional experience, Richard Marmo can handle virtually any modelbuilding requirement you might have.  To contact him with your requirements, click here or call 817-536-0128.


One of the P-38F inlets from set WS-3 is being fitted to the Revell 1/32 P-38J kit. Included in that set are  instructions on how to cut down the boom mounted oil cooler intakes.  A round-screen canopy will soon be available.


Design Philosophy

Most Modeler's Weapons Shop castings do not display surface detail. This is the result of the kits the castings are designed for. We see no point in adding surface detail to a P-38 nacelle,  for example, when the entire 1/32 Revell P-38 kit will have to be sanded smooth anyway. Of course, surface detail will be included on future releases when appropriate.

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