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1/48th scale Focke-Wulf FW-190V-1 and FW-190V-2, built by Jene Procknow, Ft. Worth, Texas.

WS-11 allows you to build either the FW-190V-1 or FW-190V-2 variants with ducted spinners.

WS-12 permits construction of the FW-190V-1 without the ducted spinner.

Originally designed to fit the Monogram FW-190A, you should still be able to successfully convert some of the more recent FW-190A kits that are currently available if you choose to go that route.

An article, TEUTONIC SHRIKE by Richard Marmo and Jene Procknow, describing constuction of these three models appeared in the November 1976 issue of SCALE MODELER (Challenge Publications).


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